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The people of United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021
The United States and Halloween 2021

The people of the United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021 because as you all Friends know that the festival of Halloween 2021 is coming and most of the people in the United States are like a foolish Dog and like a donkey in this month.

Also, there is a large number of people in the United States or if we say that there is a huge community of people who thinks that they are a cool dude or like cool body, they are wrong and totally a kind of bastard.

Let me Explain More:

As you all read my oldest article in which I tell you about how United States is a poor country and also one more article in which I tell that why Mr. Joe Biden hates Johnny sins and if you did not read that article then go back to the Homepage and on top, there is a special option of Google search, Just click on the search box and search for both the title and read those articles.

After reading the articles you will know that why it all gonna happen and when you read the article carefully and read everything you may think that you are not a human more and you are a fool if you belong to the United States.

I sometimes think that if there is only real people live in the world then our world becomes really a very nice and happy place but in the reality, there are two types of people especially in the United States people think that the others are a fool and think that only they are great or rich or happy or wonderful or Amazing and good but this is not true at all.

The people of United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021
Halloween 2021

There are some dark reasons for all of this and there are also existing of those people who are not able to make anyone happy like they are bad people or dark-hearted people, These types of people live in a majority in the US and also we think that when we feel better or when we feel good than on that time something bad happens and our whole good mood destroyed.

Nowadays, in this pandemic, I saw many people who do not wear a mask or not wear gloves or jot use sanitizer because there is only one reason and there is only one problem with these types of people that they think that we are best and we are great and COVID did not even touch us but no, they are wrong at that time.

There is a 100% chance of being affected by the virus but they do not care about anything, they do not care about themselves, they don't care about their family, they do not care about others, and one most big reason why they do not care about anything that they think that this virus is fake and just a rumor from other countries but this is not right.

They need to wash their hands every time they touched anything and most importantly they need to wear a mask especially an N95 Mask and use gloves or hand sanitizer and always you all friends need to carry an extra hand sanitizer with you you, you because who knows that when we need anything.

It is possible that there is a chance of being affected like if you sit on a train with other passengers and someone who not wearing a mask or gloves and if he or she is a COVID patient and there is a 100% chance that you will also be affected from that person if you also not wear a mask.

And on the other side if you wear a new and good mask and also wear gloves and use all the safety precautions then there is a 90% chance that you will not get affected by that person on the train or any cafe or any taxi or any ground etc.

So what you really need to do in this situation is keep yourself protect from this virus and also keep everyone safe if you are a good person and if you listen to the government rules and also if you follow the government rules in your life and one day you will succeed if you follow good rules and apply these rules in your life.

The people of United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021
Halloween 2021

The people of the United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021:

Now let's talk about our main topic which are the people of the United States, I see many people who are doing crazy things on any event like if there is Halloween they do strange and crazy things like wear good clothes ( Pent, tie, shirt, coat boots, and sunglasses ) and after all this, they wear underwear on the pants.

This is the topmost craziest thing I have ever seen live in my life and some people are really next level crazy as they make a statue on Halloween and put their children on the Halloween so they would not get disturbed by the children and this is also a very bad and crazy way to control the children's as I learn about this topic.

I always read that we need to take care of others and especially with the children's and also other children's on our street and relatives, but the bad person's don't do that, they always shout at children's and talk in such a bad or rude way with others that next time no one wants to talk with that person who is not even good with children's.

Not only with the children's we need to talk politely and respectfully with everyone even someone is youngest or oldest than us and also we need to take care of the poor people and help the poor people when there is nothing to eat or nothing to wear, need to buy some clothes for the needy and poor people and buy some food for them.

last night I watch a YouTube video in which the background music is so emotional that I almost cry at that moment.

A Philippines mother and her two children sitting in front of the shop and they look very hungry and suddenly a good person comes on the way and entered the shop and buy the food from the shop and after paying the bill of food he goes out from the shop's door and give the whole basket of food to that mother and that women are crying on that moment and say thanks to that person who is the reason of their food.

And that video is really very emotional and heart-touching.

In last, I want to say that if we also do good deeds and do better deeds and talk good with others and respect other's no matter the other person is rich or poor then we feel better because this is the only way we can find real happiness and then we become successful in the life and feel more satisfied and feel more happiness in our lives.

So this is the main reason for this post and sorry for the title because one of my friends told me that if you create some Cathy and attractive title more and more people come to the post and read the article about The people of United States are very fool and creepy in Halloween 2021 and I want to wish a very happy and blessed Halloween to all of you friends.

If you have any queries related to this topic or if you want to tell me something or anything related to anything you can tell me in the comment section and I definitely reply to you and one more request from you to make sure to share this article with other and with your friends and family and do not tell anyone that what's in this article, don't mess up the suspense of the title.

And share with your friends and family and always try to protect your family and always try to protect everyone and if you respect others then others also respect you and one day you will rise a successful person and others especially your mom and dad feel proud of you and also you feel more proud on you.



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