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 we all know that YouTube is not just a source of watching videos but also it is a source of earn money online and if you want to know how to make money from YouTube then read this article carefully and onw thing that if you want to earn money online you need to be patience because in earn money online Field patience is equal to success.

Make Money from YouTube
Make Money from YouTube

Now a days everyone who start making videos and upload videos on YouTube wants to earn money from YouTube and there are many ways of making money from YouTube like you earn money by monetize your YouTube channel and you earn money by any affiliated work like selling products by your affiliate link or you charge someone who wants to sponsor you, so there are many ways of earn money by YouTube.

How to start on YouTube:

First, you need to download YouTube application from playstore and create an account or channel by your Gmail and set a strong password for your Gmail because there are a lot of scammers in this field, Then create a video or make a video like if you want to show your face on videos then shoot with your camera and if you don't want to show your face then record your audio and fit to any of your video and remember one thing that don't copy paste anyone's video.

If you download someone's video and upload that video on your channel then you face some problems like then the other person has the authority to strike on your channel if you use anyone's video and also in some cases YouTube automatically send you a community guideline strike so be careful and create your own content.

If you want to grow on YouTube create videos on daily basis and upload videos on daily basis as it is very good for your channel as then the YouTube knows automatically thay you are an active user and you upload videos on daily basis and then there might be more chance that YouTube viral your video and if your any video is getting viral you may have a large support of audience as in that case the subscribers and the views of your YouTube channel increase very quickly and then you apply for Google AdSense for monetize your channel and when your channel is getting monetized you start earning from YouTube.

Make Money from YouTube
Make Money Online

Earn money by affiliate links:

If you want to earn money from YouTube in a very quick way then you need to selling products on YouTube as if you know about Amazon, Alibaba or ebay etc any affiliate site who provides you a affiliate link for selling their products and if you sell any of their product they will give you a commission from that sale, Now you think that how i sell the products on YouTube because it is a platform for videos.

if you want to sell any product like any laptop or any pc or television then make a video on that topic and tell in your video about that products like specifications or quality and price and put your affiliate link in your description and tell your audience that if you buy this thing see the description and click on the link below to buy this product and when someone click on your link and go to the site and buy any product then you will receive the commission of your selling product.

And in this way if you work on daily basis and if more people buy products by your affiliate link you will earn more than $1000 in a month very easily and very quickly.

Make Money From YouTube is not very difficult in 2021 if you work hard and if you work on daily basis like eating, if you eat daily then why you not work daily, so be patience and work hard to achieve success in life, whenever you feel demotivated or unhappy about your work then you need to find some motivation from listen any audio or song or you watch any motivational video or you read some motivational quote's and again work hard to be a successful person.

Thanks for reading the article and if you have any queries related to this topic or any other topic you must comment below and we definitely work on how to solve your query related to any topic.


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