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 Nowadays most people search about how to make money on YouTube and some people successfully make money from YouTube and some of these always wanted to make money on YouTube the reason why some people failed because they do not work hard for success and if you are a hard-working person and want to do something big so you must have the patience and you must have a good motivation in you to do something great.

how to make money on youtube online
how to make money on youtube

Today people are always wanted that someone teaches us how to make money on YouTube and they think if someone teaches us we may succeed but on the other side no one is teaching you about how to make money on YouTube, all you want to do is use your brain, do good effort and then you will taste the sweet apple of your life and when you succeed that will be the greatest day of your life and you feel very proud on yourself.

Most of the people do a mistake when they start their YouTube career as they think if we copy and paste someone's video we may get viral and we earn money but this is not true if you download anyone's video and upload that video on your channel, YouTube automatically knows that this person uses someone's video and as a result, that person will get informed by YouTube and that person sends a community guideline strike on your channel.

If that person has no issue with that and he is not sending you the community guideline strike but YouTube has the authority to send you a strike on behalf of that person because you download his video and upload on your channel and this is the reason many of people quit YouTube in the starting.

Always you need to create and upload quality content and always remember one thing that if you upload your own content on a daily basis and upload videos regularly then it is a good chance for you to viral on YouTube quickly and as a result, your channel is grown very quickly and once you reached the YouTube requirements for monetizing a YouTube channel you will start making money from AdSense as many on YouTubers earn money from AdSense.

how does youtube pay
how does youtube pay

how does YouTube pay:

YouTube pays you on monthly basis as first you reach $100 you will receive your payment in your bank and after time goes you may increase your money by making more videos as you upload more videos it means there is a good chance for you to make more money on YouTube and if your any 1 or 2 videos go viral that will be a great opportunity for you.

Some people do another mistake that they want to be famous very quickly and then they speak some negative words about any big YouTuber and that's the reason the community of YouTube goes against that person and you may lose your channel forever so never do any mistake on YouTube that goes against YouTube policies and always follow YouTube policy as this is good for you.

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