Why United States is a poor country - trump 2021 | headlinehustle

Why United States is a poor country - trump 2021 | headlinehustle


Why United States is a poor country - trump 2021
Why the United States is a poor country - trump 2021

The United States is also called the US and it is a poor country because of the political issues and also the politicians of US are not good for the US government as you all know trump has plans to grow the US forces and other departments in different ways like in bad position so for that time people think that Trump is a good person.

Now president Biden who officially work in avengers Marvel's scene when captain America is going back to the future with his loved ones and after that scene, president Biden is sitting on the bench and give the shield to his friend which is actually ( Captain America's ) friend ( not Joe Biden's friend ).

Also, Joe Biden is supposed to be the funniest and cute president of all time because at that time when nobody cares that his personality is like a cool dude and also when someone thinking that he is a cool person but nowadays the media and newspapers are telling the fake and wrong news about all the matter and now people think that Joe Biden is a cool dude.

Why the US is poor:

US is poor not only when all the corrupt Leaders rule at that time also when you think that in the Early 17th, 18th, or 19th, The US wanted to be the most powerful country, and also the US wants that everyone only listens to their voice and only the United States of America rules the world but at this time it is just a dream for our nations.

As many of United States people think that we must move to someone else country because day by day US is drowning and day by day the face of this country is erased by other countries like if you see on sky some clouds are pushed other clouds to remove that one and it is the same condition for the US government at this time.

The US is poor not only when the people who live in us in this time become the slaves of other countries ruler's and also in this time many people think that if I have a chance to raise as a president of United States, I probably did this, but I also make malls, I make more metropolitan areas, I make more hospitals, I make more buildings for poor.

But no one thinks that how I make this country big and grow again like in the past many people have the resources to buy multiple Banks but they do not buy any of the banks because they are not fools and try to make the pillar for the good and undefeated nation like if we see in the water the king of water is supposed to be the whale because of his or her size and power.

Just like this we need to stand again with unity's power and also if we try to become more powerful and successful again we need to talk again and we need to work hard to build a successful national geographic design of this nation and if we become successful in our work be become raise as the most powerful ruler in the world.

People think that the United States is poor but no it is wrong the United States is not a poor country, it is the richest and powerful country of all time.

This is why because the media is showing the wrong face of everything in today's date and also the time when you think we become ready to make a better world and also if we think that we become the Better person in our life we need to prove others wrong and then we become successful.


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