Breakdown of the Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments and Prediction for the Verdict | headlinehustle

Breakdown of the Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments and Prediction for the Verdict | headlinehustle

Breakdown of the Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments and Prediction for the Verdict | headlinehustle
Breakdown of the Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments and Prediction for the Verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse:

hey everyone free drinks of valor ridge the purpose of this video tonight is that we're going to focus on the written house trial I just watched the last day in the closing arguments lets the go-ahead and get started folks have watched this all day today I took a lot of notes I've got some things to talk about and uh what we're going to discuss in this is the defense, as well as the prosecution and what I'm going to do, give you some of my thoughts on what I believe is going to take place tomorrow with the verdict so a late video tonight but they just got done literally 10 minutes ago with their uh closing remarks so let's go ahead and get started all right first things first when I see the prosecution in this I don't know if it's.

just me or maybe some of you watching this too but the two guys that they uh ponied up there for the prosecution are two of the least likable people that I've ever had the displeasure of looking at and hearing the talk I just don't know if it's just their appearance or their cadence of speech or what they stand for it just really irks me the man and I don't know if you guys watching this video thought that too but the prosecution yeah I would absolutely like not ever want to run into those guys out in public uh very very unpleasant but personal feelings aside let's talk about their arguments and what they brought to the table today I will spare you.

the five six-seven hours of watching their argument and their entire premise their entire argument is that you can't shoot someone who's unarmed that is their entire belief system that's what they claim that written house violated was that he shot unarmed people uh the the big remark that one of the prosecutors said was that you lose your right to self-defense when you bring a gun into a situation i want that i want you all to let that sink in I want you to let that train of argument sink in that if if you have a the gun you then lose your right to self-defense well if that was the case then there would be absolute no concealed carry if that was the case police officers would never ever be able to justifiably shoot anybody if that was the case uh then any time a gun is present then you can't defend yourself and then of course what is the point of having one see having a firearm isn't just to defend yourself against a the person with another gun having a firearm isn't just having a firearm you know the symbol with a knife so they're entire the premise was that if you bring a gun you lose your right to self-defense and you can't shoot somebody who's unarmed the main points of the prosecution revolved around him shooting an unarmed individual or a couple unarmed individuals and uh that also he should have done many other things before deciding to.

shoot somebody if he really felt his life was threatened some of the options that they suggested to kyle Rittenhouse during the closing remarks were that he should have called 9-1-1, uh he should have put the gun down uh he should have told the crowd and explained his actions to the crowd and that maybe he should have just surrendered to the crowd, to begin with, oh my favorite one warning shots uh he should have fired warning shots aren't there aren't their people across the country that gets charged with negligent discharge of a firearm across this country like aren't there isn't that is what the vice president at the time Biden used to say about firing a couple blasts with a shotgun and somebody to scare them off I think these leftists need to stop getting their talking points from cnn I think these leftists.

need to understand what true self-defense is and what firearms they should get some knowledge on firearms and the use of deadly force and lethal force before they start commenting on this stuff the prosecutor tried to make the argument that oh real serious people there that night those people with military experience decided to carry handguns instead of an ar-15 and that kyle ridnow said no i should not have been using uh an ar-15 because even veterans decided to carry concealed look hate to burst your bubble guys out there but veterans are not the ultimate authority on firearms uh veterans are not the ultimate authority on what you should or shouldn't use in a situation I serve with people that could hardly put two and two together uh so they're really not the ultimate authority as to.

what firearms that you should use that's an individual decision based on every unique situation as to what firearm that you can use but certainly uh had a person has been in a situation where there are hundreds of people that are violent people that are looting people that are rioting people that are burning things down people that are threatening other people's lives if you had a crowd of people as an individual an ar-15 would be a very good choice but the prosecutors seemed to frame it that uh somehow that that only serious people would have handguns with hollow points that brings me to the laughable part of the entire case where they tried to frame kyle rittenhouse is this evil person because he loaded his weapon with ultimately lethal full metal jacket rounds now see here's the funny part about lawyers.

when you go to trial if you use full metal jacket bullets you're putting something that's designed to go through somebody that's designed to just you know to erase the physics of the universe by its power full metal jacket but if you use hollow points if they can if they want to prosecute for hollow points you want to cause as much damage as possible you want bullets that expand and cause as much tissue damage as possible so you're screwed if you do and you're screwed if you don't with these lawyers because they love to do this legal circle jerk off trying to paint you as a horrible person so the very fact that kyle had full metal jacket rounds in his rifle you know it wouldn't be my first choice for self-defense but if that's all you got I'm sure the bad guy doesn't really care what he gets shot at with 3 100 feet per second and one of the last laughable points of the prosecution was he loaded his rifle with a 30 round magazine fully 30 round magazine.

And you know it's funny that they don't mention that he only shot eight rounds uh on three people that's pretty good round count kyle good shooting I think eight rounds out of 30 against three adversaries you are like right at our ratio of three rounds or less to service each threat so good marksmanship on your end young man uh prosecution, uh you know here's the thing they don't under they don't know what they don't know about firearms and training they really don't I think it's great that they tried to frame him as this person that didn't try to do anything he just immediately shot first that's not what happened kyle ran two blocks away uh he had people grab his rifle how do we know this because the autopsy reports reveal that their hands and their hands and their arms were scorched with powder burns as well as the other propellants in that rifle so I don't know about you guys but you got to be pretty darn close to having your hands scorched by gunfire.

you've got to be very close to that

muzzle certainly close enough to reach

out and grab it in order to to be able

to get that close to causing that kind of

physical problems and I don't know about

you guys but I was taught as not only in

the us marine corps but also as a police

officer i was taught that anybody that

grabs your weapon is in fact committing

a deadly force threat against you

this is obvious i mean what do you think

a police officer would do anywhere

across this country if a bad guy reached

out for their pistol reached out for

their shotgun reached out for their

rifle and grabbed it and tried to take

it away from them what do you think the

standard would be for them i can promise

you that by any measure that that

officer would be justified in shooting

somebody trying to disarm him or her the

same standard applies to us as

american gun owners that when we're

trying to defend ourselves if somebody's

trying to take our gun away from us in

order to either cause death or serious

bodily harm by removing that fire and

using it on us or removing our ability

to protect ourselves from a violent mob

that by any standard is deadly force by

any standard and as far as the third guy

that he shot uh they wanted to make the

case that uh that uh gross croots

didn't uh point his gun at him well yes

he did the video evidence clearly shows

that he's got a glock i don't know what

model glock it was but they just kept

mentioning glock over and over and over

again and the guy had a glock pointed at

him like this you you clearly see that

the guy turns like this and that's when

kyle shoots his bicep off

i think that he the fact that he fired

once and then disengaged after the

threat no longer presented himself is

telling about kyle rittenhouse's frame

of mind he fired one round at the guy

the best shot that he could while he was

sitting on the ground after being kicked

in the head and hit in the head by a


and having a gun pointed at him by a guy

who was part of the mob as well i think

it showed a lot of discipline on his end

by shooting the guy one time in the arm

and then after the guy turns away and

and disengages from him that he chooses

not to shoot him again so that was a

very good

situational awareness on his end and not

only the piece of evidence from the

video do we have that kyle waited until

the glock was pointed at him before he

shot the guy per the mutt's own

testimony he admitted pointing the gun

at kyle rittenhouse he verbally

testified on his own behalf that he

pointed the gun at kyle rittenhouse i

don't know about you guys but a person

pointing a gun at you after hurling

numerous verbal threats as well as being

part of a violent mob

that would certainly constitute

not only a threat to your life but a

direct and imminent threat to your life

now moving on to the defense the points

that they brought up during their final

arguments were pretty solid

kyle rittenhouse's attorney brought

forth several

important points and one of those first

points that the prosecution claimed that

rittenhouse was running after people

when he shot him when all the footage

shows the complete and utter opposite

that kyle rittenhouse was moving away

from the crowd he was running away

trying to get away from the people that

were yelling things like kill him get

him i'm gonna get all all other stuff

that they were young that you guys can

go and watch the video footage of uh the

very fact that they made this false

claim after all of the footage shows

kyle trying to get away from this

violent mob that was very good and i

think that the defense showed a

show the prosecution that they were

completely misunderstanding of the

nature of the case so the first guy that

written house shot that rose and bombed

the uh


child molester the guy who had been in

prison for uh you know close to 15 years

pardon me this is for children i'm gonna

warn you so if you've got kids watching

this you may want to cover their ears he

was convicted of anally raping a 9 or 11

year old child and it's been molesting

four others for a total of five children

he did 15 years in prison so that's who

we're dealing with and the very fact

that this guy was out of prison well

that's a different story either way he's

there in the crowd he had been uh

stalking if you will written house the

entire night finally chases rittenhouse

into the car lot at which point he

lunges for rittenhouse's rifle

kyle shoots him now the the the

prosecutor made the case that oh he

shouldn't have shot him four times he

should have shot him once because that

immobilized him but what these people

don't understand is the speed at which

shootings take place

rittenhouse fired four rounds in in

under a second uh striking him at least

four times uh so including a shot in the

back but the guy was lunging for his

rifle charging him forward and this all

took place at less than four feet

folks we're talking literally about a

muzzle length or about a muzzle maybe

two muzzle lengths away certainly very

close certainly a couple of arms links

away from kyle ridden house to make a

split decision shooting four rounds at

that distance

would certainly be a standard response

in any respectable firearms training

course to include any law enforcement

training to include any military

training and to include any training in

the commercial firearms

industry that would be a standard

response on any threat that close to you

at close quarters so the fact that the

prosecution expects him to disengage

after firing one round only shows not

only an improper understanding of human

physiology but an improper understanding

of firearms training that structured

properly so that is a moot point what

the prosecutors brought to the table

kyle rittenhouse shot to stop the threat

and it took four rounds for that threat

to stop trying to reach for his rifle so

he shot rosenbaum four times and at that

point uh there you go then the crowd

turns on him kyle runs to go back to the

police trying to turn himself in for

what he did that's when uh huber

and gross crews follow him and assault

him there's one unidentified man that

also kicked him in the head spun him

around and that's how he ended up on the

ground where he got hit in the head with

a skateboard as well and that's why kyle

rittenhouse shot two people from the

ground that's why he did that because he

ended up getting

thrown down to the ground so during this

pursuit and the bad guys were chasing

rittenhouse but during this pursuit he

was hit in the head he was not only

kicked in the head which certainly would

constitute deadly force a person kicking

you in the head can certainly cause

death or serious bodily harm

this is this is a very well known fact

that any combat sports especially in an

uncontrolled environment especially when

you're out on the move out on the street

you get kicked in the head you can

easily get knocked out and be disarmed

you could easily and there are people

that get killed all the time then during

the whole knockout game thing people are

getting hit unawares they're getting hit

in the side of the head they're getting

hit in the back of the head and they are

dying there are many many documented

incidents of people dying from getting

hit when they're unexpectedly getting

hit kyle rittenhouse got hit running

away he's not expecting that he get hits

he gets hit in the head and he gets

fallen down to the ground and guys i'm

here to tell you if the prosecutor

really wants to go into crime statistics

i'll gladly say that there are more

people killed with with feet and hands

than there are with rifles in this

country so don't tell me that fists and

and and feet don't kill people

especially when a person is unprotected

and unexpecting of that blow it happens

all the time and certainly a kick to the

head is there if you saw somebody

kicking a little old lady in the head on

the street that would certainly

constitute deadly force if you saw

somebody who is completely almost

unconscious unprotected getting hit

that's a major problem

so kyle rittenhouse not only absorbed a

kick to the head he absorbed a

skateboard getting hit and and so the

prosecution wants to make a deal it's a

skateboard kids ride them all the time

that's great

people also try to run other people over

with automobiles that doesn't mean an

automobile is an inherently deadly uh

weapon it's a person's intent behind it

how they use it same thing with a hammer

same thing with a screwdriver same thing

with a baseball bat and although those

objects may not have intentionally

originally been designed to cause death

or serious body harm they can be used to

cause death or serious bodily harm and

when a grown man is winding up with a

skateboard about to smack somebody in

the head with it that certainly

constitutes death or serious bodily harm

and to take it to the third guy gross

croots we've already discussed him

pointing the glock per his own admission

at kyle rittenhouse and which kyle

shoots him one time in the bicep

disabling him it's not that he did it on

purpose he almost had to point shoot

that from him he didn't have time or he

did really really it was in a weird

firing position and could only use gross

alignment of the rifle on the guy and

shot him


how do we know the guy's intent that was

there to kill him well number one

admission he pointed his gun at kyle

rittenhouse at the trial that's a


we have further evidence in a facebook

post that the guy made shortly after the

original incident last year and said my

only regret is that i didn't fire first

and empty the entire clip into the kid

that's his words on his facebook page

folks so you tell me what his intent was

that night going out with a pistol

pointing it at kyle rittenhouse for not

only his own testimony in court but his

testimony on his own social media page

detectives interviewed for the case uh

did say that the rosen bomb did chase

kyle rittenhouse so in other words kyle

we're chasing somebody means someone's

running away and you're pursuing them

afterwards so kyle rittenhouse did not

provoke a fight kyle rittenhouse was

running away and so the detectives that

were interviewed in the case also

substantiated the defense's case in

addition fbi drone footage shows kyle

rittenhouse running away trying to get

out of the crowd trying to

create space create distance the defense

did a very nice job using that footage

as well the oddest thing to me was the

prosecution deciding to charge him with

uh premeditated murder before all the

evidence from the scene had been

collected and even before the autopsies

were completed in this uh that was an

odd thing because normally as a as an

attorney you would wait until you have

all the facts that way you can arrange

your things make your charges make your

indictments and go to grand jury uh

however this uh office

in kenosha

decided that they were not going to wait

until all that happened so they decided

to stack the bed against kyle

rittenhouse so in case you guys haven't

figured out i think that this is

probably one of the clearest cut cases

of self-defense that we've had in modern

times that's been this high profile so

my opinion on this trial is that the

prosecution is grossly out of touch with

reality i think that they

are political hacks i think that they're

uh that there's a political trial i

think that uh that these people

were are so far removed from reality

that they went so far as to call the

crowd brave that night this is the same

crowd that committed major property


that that

set fires and committed arson all across

the city the same crowd that is chanting

death to america and the same crowd that

tried to storm the very courthouse that

this trial was taking place at last year

so that's the brave crowd according to

the prosecution that's how out of touch

that these people are

and the most disturbing comments that

the prosecution made was that uh kyron

house should have turned himself into

the crowd that he should have fired

warning shots uh that he should have

just dropped the rifle and put it down

that he should have explained himself to

the crowd as if there's some authority

you have a gross misunderstanding of

deadly force you even have the

prosecuting attorney incorrectly stating

the standard of deadly force which is

universally accepted in cases nationwide

he intentionally uh misled the jury

about what the definition of deadly

force is uh incorrectly stating it


quite frankly if

if there is any justice in this world

this is one of the clearest cut cases of

self-defense in modern american history

if kyle rittenhouse is found guilty on

any of these charges then there is no

right to self defense in the united

states anymore if he's found guilty on

any of these charges then what you have

is a show trial and what you have is a

standard of justice that just simply

doesn't exist anymore the prosecution is

incompetent it's incoherent their legal

definitions are appalling when it comes

to deadly force and the use of force

their understanding of firearms is

extremely appalling their understanding

of this of training is appalling their

understanding of what people need to do

during deadly force is appalling and so

i think when you're looking at the

prosecution's closing remarks they were

they did speak last in the trial he said

he should have fired one shot and seen

that he was disabled notice all the

should notice all the conditional tense

verbs that's somebody that's holy

unfamiliar with violence the use of

deadly force or the knowledge of what

the standard of deadly force is and when

you've got people that pretend like they

know what's going on

putting a young man on trial possibly

for the rest of his life

that's a very dangerous precedent to set

in the united states of america however

the defense did a very good job during

this case i think that they shredded any

credibility that the prosecution had and

its witnesses also

and i think that anybody on that jury

that has any sense half cents uh would

would clearly vote to acquit

kyle rittenhouse of any and all charges

in this case

folks we go over a lot of this material

in in our classes here at ballarat we do

pistol rifle classes we we cover this

material we cover a lot of the uses of

deadly force

and if you want to learn how to get

more proficient with your firearms

whether it's a pistol rifle coming out

for us in 2022 our lights are sold out

for the rest of this year but we do have

spots available for next year not for

long they usually sell out pretty early

don't want to turn you guys away so i

also covered this information in my

pistol craft book and my american

rifleman book as well if you found the

information in the video helpful

subscribe to the channel follow me on

facebook and social media that link is

in the description box below and we'd

really love to see in class next year at

val ridge and let's all pray for the

right verdict to be rendered in this

case and uh true justice and

righteousness be done

this is reid hendrix of valor ridge

reminding you the lessons that we

learned are written on the tombstones of

others we'll see on the ridge


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