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Pakistan wins from Namibia:

Today in the Match of ICC T20 Pakistan vs Namibia and the match is really very interesting and amazing and Pakistan wins the match by 10 wickets and really it is a very outstanding match between these two teams.

The bowling of Pakistan is really very amazing and outstanding but the bowling of Namibia is just what the fuck and fucking bowling of Namibia and also the batting of Namibia is same as fuck.

Namibia loose very well:

Those who say that Namibia is a good team are just wrong and it is really a third class team and really a team of bullshit players just like the so cold Indians like virat Kohli's face is just like dog and also his face is like bullshit and also his batting is also like bullshit snd really a fucking idiot person viral kohli.

Like India the new Zealand is also a fucking team who is want to win all the matches but lose all the matches and one time I remember that some of the video of an new Zealand player is viral doing some crazy things in Halloween and now it is thr time when India is completely and perfectly ready to go to home as they not play very well and they not play good in this ICC T20 matches against Pakistan and New Zealand.

first batting of the Pakistani players are rizwan and baber and their partnership is also very amazing like perfectly amazing and outstanding in the all matches and also the bowler's or India is not doing well in the match of India vs Pakistan and in the match of India vs New Zealand.

Chris Brown from New Zealand:

Chris brown is the umpire and he is from new Zealand and I think he is a very nice person in reality and also a good player in all the matches.

Pakistan wins from Namibia from 10 wickets and also Pakistan is doing very well in the Match of Pakistan vs Namibia and overall the whole match is going very good and nice and the batting of Pakistan is not very bad as their players are doing a good job in the batting and also the bowling of Pakistan is also very good and nice.

India kid of Pakistan:

Now if we talked about the team India and about their players so they are like kids in front of parents as Pakistan is the dad of India and India play a role of kid of Pakistan in all the matches against Pakistan.

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