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Severe thunderstorm warning is very dangerous for all so we need to Understand Severe Weather Alerts which are given by our government or different authorized authorities.

Today we talk about Severe thunderstorm warnings and also discuss that what are the possibilities to protect you from this kind of situation and also cover different main issues related to this topic.

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Severe thunderstorm warning - Understand Severe Weather Alerts

Severe thunderstorm warning:

If a Severe thunderstorm warning is issued, first of all, you need to hide in a place which is fully safe like if you are in a mobile house, Get out from that mobile house and find a strong shelter to hide and the other way is that hide in a car and close all the door and windows of the door and also you can hide in a building because the Severe thunderstorm is very powerful to destroy a house in a minute so you must be hiding in a building which is completely safe for you and also go outside the building when the storm is completely end otherwise you need to spend time in that building in which you hide and this is what we need to on the time of Severe thunderstorm warning.

Thunderstorms are very powerful to destroy a house in a minute and also thunderstorms include very fast wind and powerful lightning which is very dangerous for us, Many people died every year because of thunderstorms and the speed of thunderstorm wind is more than 50mph which is very fast and very dangerous if you stand outside of your house then it is sure that the 50mph wind filed you and threw you on the other side of your city.

Flash Flooding and tornados are also included in the thunderstorm and we always need to protect ourselves and to protect our family from these things.

Supercell thunderstorms are very deadliest and dangerous thunderstorms of all time so if the threat issue is related to the supercell thunderstorm then you must need to find a safe place for yourself and also for your family.

You can check the weather alerts: HERE or HERE

Severe thunderstorm warning, thunderstorm, Understand Severe Weather Alerts, news, weather, headlinehustle,
Severe thunderstorm

What are signs of a Severe thunderstorm:

The list and details of thunderstorm signs are discussed below.
  1. Large, puffy cumulus clouds.
  2. Darkening sky and clouds.
  3. Abrupt changes in wind direction.
  4. The sudden drop in temperature.
  5. Drop-in atmospheric pressure.

There are many signs of the Severe thunderstorm as it is very harmful to us and also we need to hide when the threat of Severe thunderstorm warning is issued, some signs of Severe thunderstorm include very puffy and Large cumulus clouds include lightning in the clouds.

At that time the sky is the completely dark or darkening sky, the direction of winds changes every single minute, like if you want to go on the left side on that time then the wind goes opposite of your direction which you face very hard to move and after some minutes the wind goes on the left side and this is also a difficult situation for you because the wind forcefully push you and this is the main reason of mostly death cases during the Severe thunderstorm.

Very fast and slow raindrops is also a sign of Severe thunderstorm and during the time it is possible that if you are standing outside then the thunder falls on you because that was a very critical time and at that moment you have no way to run, so firstly safe your self from Severe thunderstorm warning.

Watching Television/TV during a Severe thunderstorm is absolutely fine because that is not dangerous for you but the thing you just don't do is not hold a phone or any electronic appliance during a Severe thunderstorm because that situation is very risky.

Severe thunderstorm warning, thunderstorm, Understand Severe Weather Alerts, news, weather, headlinehustle,
Severe thunderstorm

So this is all for today and if this article (Severe thunderstorm warning - Understand Severe Weather Alerts | headlinehustle) helps you to understand the importance of being safe during a Severe thunderstorm warning so please share with your friends and family and also share on social media more and definitely tell in the comment section that what you thing regarding Severe thunderstorm warning and tell your precious thoughts in the comment section.



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